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Cassiopeia Inventory

Cassiopeia is equipped with everything needed for navigation and basic comfort, however charter clients will want to bring along personal items and additional items that will enhance their experience. 

Here is what is supplied:

Deck and cockpit lockers
Anchor and rode min 250 feet total; at least boat length chain
Stem Line 400 feet 1/2 braided floating line
4 Fenders,  blue
4 Dock lines nylon with eye splice
Power cord and adaptor - 30 amp, 50 f1, 15 amp adaptor
Boathook, telescoping aluminum
Canadian flag
US courtesy flag as required
Bucket & Sponge
Deck brush wooden handle, soft bristles, round head
Water hose
4-person dinghy with oars AquaPro
Dinghy foot pump
Outboard motor
Cooking fuel tanks two per boat, filled by Cooper per charter
Barbecue wIth hose -  rail mount
7/8 wrench for BBQ bottle

Safety Equipment
15 inch floatIng line rescue throw bag
Life ring with 15 m floating line
Sell Igniting Lifebuoy Light
Life Jackets I per person, Mustang MV1271 Blue
Fire Extinguishers
Air horn plus spare air bottle
Flares Comet F-Pack
Radar Reflector
Dinghy safety kit
Waterproof Flashlight
First aid kit WCB Basic First Aid kit
Bung Plugs
Emergency tiller

Chart Table Area
Note: charts and publications supplied will vary with operating area, all must be most recent edition
Safe Boating Guide
Chart No I Chart Symbols, Abbreviations and Terms 2004
Tide Tables Vol. 5 Juan de Fuca Strait / Strait of Georgia 2010
Tide Tables Vol. 6 Discovery Passage! West Coast 2010
Ports and Passes Tides for US waters 2010
Sailing Directions General Information Pacific Coast 2 Edition
Sailing Directions BC Coast Southern Portion 17 Edition -2004
List of Lights, Buoys and Fog Signals 2007
3461 Juan de Fuca Strait Eastern Portion 2005-07-01
US 16423 Bellingham to Everett /San Juan Islands July07
3462 Juan de Fuca Strait to Strait of Georgia 2005-07-01
3313 Gulf Islands 2009-01-02
3463 Strait of Georgia Southern Portion 2005-07-01
3481 Approaches to Vancouver Harbour 2005-07-01
3526 Howe Sound 2005-07-01
3512 Strait of Georgia Central Portion 1998-12-25
3311 Sunshine Coast to Desolation Sound 1993-12-31
3513 Strait of Georgia Northern Portion 1999-10-29
3538 Desolation Sound and Sutil Channel 2005-12-30
3539 Discovery Passage and Seymour Narrows 2007-03-30
3541 Approaches to Toba Inlet 1994-07-29
3312 Jervis Inlet and Desolation Sound 2007-01-05
2 Winch handles
Deck Key
Hand-bearing compass Plastimo Iris
Binoculars 7x50
Parallel rule and dividers
2B Pencils and eraser
Pencil sharpener
Rigging Knife

Note: There should b a minimum of B of each of these tableware items;
Dinner plates White Corelle, large powerboats = Corelle Hearthstone, white
Tea plates White Corelle
Cereal bowls White Corelle
Coffee cups White Corelle
Tumblers Camco 43871. polycarbonate
Wine glasses Camco 43861, polycarbonate
Cutlery IKEA Dragon
Frying pan IKEA 365+, 24 and/or 28 cm
Small sauce pan with lid IKEA 365+, 1 litre
Medium saucepan with lid IKEA 365+, 3 litre
Large pot with lid IKEA 365, 5 litre
Baking pan metal
Mixing bowl set IKEA Reda, plastic set with lids
Coffee pot Bodhum French Press, polycarbonate body
Kettie 1KEA365+
Cork screw/bottle opener IKEA Groggy
Can opener IKEA 365
Vegetable peeler IKEA Charm
Paring knife IKEA 365+, 23cm
Chefs knIfe IKEA 365+, 28cm
Bread Knife IKEA 365+
Cooking utensil set IKEA Direkt, plastic
Cooking utensil set IKEA Mixa, wooden
Cheese grater IKEA Idealisk
Colander IKEA Reda
Cutting board IKEA Legitim
Potholders IKEA Iris
Cork trivets IKEA Heat, set of 3
Barbeque lighter
Barbeque cleaning brush
Barbecue utensil set tongs, fork and spatula

Hand broom and dustpan
Spray cleaner Simple Green
Head cleaning brush IKEA

Tool kit
Engine Spares kit
Electric space heater

Here are some suggested items to bring:

  • Bedding and pillows
  • Towels, including some small towels for floor mats in the heads
  • Tea towels, dish rags
  • Food and drink

The above items can be supplied by Cooper Boating if requested in request*

  • Paper towel
  • Personal handheld GPS
  • Laptop with charts
  • Flashlights
  • Personal entertainment devices
  • Cellphones with Canadian voice and data plans
  • A US cell plan, if planning on crossing the border.**
  • DVDs
  • Long and short pants and long and short-sleeved shirts
  • Sweatsuit (can double as long underwear)
  • Swim suits
  • Sweater or fleece
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses and reading glasses
  • Medicines in original bottles and copies of prescriptions
  • Personal toiletries with some extras
  • Rain gear
  • Walking shoes
  • Beach shoes
  • Extra Batteries
  • Guide books and magazines
  • $300 (min) in cash in both Canadian and US funds if crossing the border.


* At additional cost when available.  Please request these services at the time of making the charter reservation.  Last minute requests will be considered if staff and time are available.

** Since Sidney is very close to the US border, and typical sailing routes skim the border, Canadian cell phones may contact US towers.  If charges result, and you have not been in the USA at the time, at the time, a call to your cell company explaining your location will have the charges reversed.

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