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CHECKOUT Cooper Policy
                                                                                 v1.3 MAY 2012


our yachts are inspected after each charter, following the check-in procedure you complete with a member of our dock staff ~ please note that after these inspections, charges may be applied against your damage deposit as outlined below


fender $100.00 (large) $50.00(small)

dock line $65.00 (large) $40.00(small)

shore power cord $95.00 (30 amp) $700.00 (50 amp)

shore power adapter $75.00

winch handle $100.00 to $150.00

barbecue grills $35.00 each (large) $20.00 each (small)

oars $100.00 each

lock and/or key $50.00

other articles cost plus 20%


Service Charges

refuelling (sailing vessels) $75 + fuel cost

(power vessels) $100 + fuel cost

full holding tank $ 75 + pump-out fee

fouled holding tank pump $150 + plus labour

plugged head $150 + plus labour

fouled prop $100+ mechanical repairs if necessary

skied halyard $100

chase boat $200 per hour


First Aid Kit

the first aid kit is sealed for your protection ~ due to health reasons if opened the kit must be replaced, this will result in a purchase charge ~ you may keep the kit as the charge is levied to your account ~ a supply of adhesive bandages kept outside of the kit you need not open first aid kit for a minor cut or scrape alone


Cleaning charge: $150

The cleaning charge may be applied if the boat is left with any of the following conditions:

  • garbage left on board or dishes left dirty

  • food left on board or spills not cleaned up

  • urine in or around the head

  • scuff marks on the deck from inappropriate footwear

  • sand or other abrasive substance tracked on board

  • salt water ingress due to negligence or misuse of equipment

  • yacht not rinsed off with fresh water and items stowed back where originally found aboard

Late Charge

we ask that you be back at Cooper docks and off the boat by 10am on the last day of charter as outlined on your charter contract (5pm if less than 3 days) ~ where one day charters are involved, this policy is modified as the end of your eight hour charter period. If your boat is returned after this time a charge of will be applied as per the charter contract terms & conditions (the daily rate typically applies) ~ should weather or other challenges prevent you from returning on time, please contact us as soon as possible upon realizing you will be late

Assistance and Emergencies

CONTACTING COOPER for assistance while on the water with COOPER,
please use the following: from 0900-1700hrs daily (MAY SEPTEMBER):

1) DOCK (VAN1) 604.690.2628 (regular dock number) (604 690.BOAT)

2) DOCK (VAN2 & DUTY MGR) 604.690.6588

3) DOCK (VAN3) 604.861.8688


1) DOCK (SID1) 250.883.2628

(regular dock number) (883.BOAT)

2) DOCK (SID2) 250.883.7344


DOCK 604.578.8304


remember from your VHF training that you can place a call through the marine operator on the VHF using channel 26


EMERGENCIES after hours


604.683.6837 - page using option #4 follow instructions and be sure to leave a call back number clearly on the message


Accident Reports

you are expected to report incidents at the earliest opportunity after assuring the

In the event of an accident involving the COOPER fleet vessel and/or another vessel,

safety of your crew and the vessel ~ once the situation has normalized, please remember to collect the following information, which may be required to process an insurance claim:

  • date, time of incident and conditions of the sea, wind and tide height at the time of the incident

  • complete description of incident and log sequence of events

  • location geographical landmarks nearby as well as latitude and longitude

  • where other vessels are involved, ensure you have the complete description of the other vessel(s), their owner(s)/skipper(s) contact information and registration numbers. Should another vessel admit fault in an incident, it is your responsibility as master of the vessel to ensure there is a method of them paying for any losses to the vessel in your care.

  • description of apparent damage to vessel(s)

  • witnesses where available, provide the contact information of any witness

Always report incidents at earliest opportunity to avoid cancellation of insurance coverage in place


Security Deposits

as outlined in your contract, COOPER undertakes to refund the security deposit left by charter clients within 10 calendar days following the end of the charter ~ a complete inspection of the yacht, which includes an underwater inspection by a diver, cannot be completed while you wait upon return of the yacht

Mechanical Breakdown

even with the most thorough preventative maintenance program, malfunctions may occur ~ COOPER will not knowingly send out a yacht with a malfunction without first notifying the charter client ~ should a problem arise that affect systems aboard the yacht, we will be pleased to assist you and have you back on your way as soon as possible ~where primary systems are affected, this may entail using one of our contacts throughout the cruising region or personally attending your yacht with our crew


should down time of more than 3 hours occur through no fault of the charter client (when yacht is within 20 miles of a Cooper Base, otherwise 6 hours), compensatory, complimentary charter time equivalent to the down time will be awarded ~ this time is to be on the same vessel as the down time occurred ~ time may be taken at the end of a charter (when possible) or within 2 years of the charter, unless the yacht leaves the COOPER fleet before this time

this guarantee applies to primary systems defined as:

  • main engine(s) and transmission(s)

  • generator (where stove electric)

  • batteries and alternator

  • cooking and heating systems

  • sails, standing and rigging (where applicable)

  • windlass

  • water pressure pump

Exceptions to the service guarantee include secondary systems, which include:

  • fridge

  • electronics including autopilot where applicable

  • water heater

  • outboard motor

  • tender

  • other items which do not render the yacht inoperable

We are dedicated to providing a quality vacation and happy to help with any difficulties during your charter; the service guarantee applies only to items which trigger compensatory charter time as outlined above ~ a thorough inspection of the yacht prior to departure by any skipper should ensure secondary systems operate satisfactorily



Assistance Around Marinas

our modern vessels do not always fit with extra space in some of the older marinas from which we operate ~ should you require assistance leaving or returning to the marinas, we are happy to provide this to you at no charge during our normal hours of operation ~ on busy return days (typically mornings and late afternoons), please wait off the end of our docks until we are able to assist you properly ~ for assistance mid day (when arrivals and departures are rare), please call the appropriate dock phone number (above) from the fuel dock so we are prepared to help you


Acceptance of Yacht

we hope you have had a thorough walk through the vessel with our staff member and feel well acquainted with the systems aboard, our support systems and standard policies ~ these vessels receive much care and attention, but a prudent skipper should always make their own inspections of all equipment prior to departing the dock

it is important that any concerns with the yacht or its systems be reported as soon as they surface ~ in most instances, that means before you leave the dock or upon first operation of a particular system that cannot be checked dockside ~ at the end of your checkout, we ask you to accept the yacht ~ please do not accept the yacht until you are satisfied with the yacht and any additional equipment or services requested with your charter


Returning the Yacht

when returning the yacht, we ask you go through the return interview with one of our dock crew members in person ~ the typical schedule dictates this happen first thing in the morning of your departure, or the late afternoon prior when that is not possible/practical ~ these check-ins are carried out during our hours of operation (our hours are adjusted slightly seasonally)

our obligation to the owner of the yacht is to ensure all equipment and inventory remains aboard and accounted for and any damage attended to ~ critical to our maintenance program is the ability to know of any item not performing as it should ~ we will also ask you to demonstrate (where possible) any challenges experienced with the yacht or equipment

we will ask you the following direct questions and ask you be prepared accordingly:

  • did you run aground?

  • did you strike a floating or submerged object?

  • were you involved in a collision with another vessel?

  • did you pump out the holding tank(s) and fill the fuel tank(s) before your return?

  • did you lose any items?

  • did you break any items?

Our inspection will involve counting the specific items checked out, randomly checking systems and items aboard ~ an independent dive contractor will inspect the bottom between your charter and the next ~ we will NOT be able to return your security deposit at the time you return the vessel

we fully expect to clean the vessel and replenish propane and water between uses, but we cannot get to every vessel right away and ask that you:

  • remove all your belongings and garbage

  • wipe up any spills & remove marks from footwear, docks and beaches

  • ensure dishes washed and stowed

  • place all items to be laundered together in an unused area of the interior

  • return inventory to location originally found

  • secure the vessel properly with spring lines and fenders deployed

  • put covers back on exterior components

  • rinse the vessel completely with fresh water

This return policy balances our service to you with the principles of good seamanship


Have a great trip

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